Birthday Shenanigans

by Michael Terry

March 29th marked my 54th birthday.  Not really a big deal, it’s not one of those “important” ones – like fifty, or sixty….  But a birthday nonetheless.  I guess 55 (next year) will be a memorable one as well, because then I get discounts at movies and stuff! Ha!  That being said, my wife feels that she must make a huge event out of my birthdays, and this year was no exception.

She had it coming, don’t you think?

We started with a wonderful dinner with my daughter Mariah and us at Joe’s Crab Shack.  If you are not familiar, great crab and seafood place, but even more important, if it’s your birthday, they go out of their way to embarrass you and make a scene.   We’ve done a few of them over the years.  I’ve been dressed as a cow, in a tutu, and so forth, paraded around the restaurant, and made a fool of.  This night was no exception.  I was dressed in a grass skirt, complete with coconut bra, and made to dance the hula while the entire restaurant sang happy birthday to me.  Sigh.  Mariah lives for these moments.  I retaliated by biting the staff.  Seriously, they asked for it. (See picture.)

The Ceaser-que

Saturday April 1st, all the kids popped over for a huge barbeque and hang out to celebrate.  My step sons were kind enough to take over the BBQ, and I got to drink beer, eat my guts out and play with the grand kids.  What a fun and heartwarming day.   I love our family get togethers.

The last day….Sunday, we ended up at Universal Studios, and topped it off with a wonderful dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Miceli’s .  See video below.

I am blessed to have a wonderful family, great kids, and a wife who makes every day an exciting adventure.  So much for my “not  so important” 54th birthday.




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