Christmas Ho Ho Hum

by Michael Terry

So here we are again.  Just s few short weeks from “The Big One”…  Christmas time and impending Yuletide cheer.

So many happy memories of the season…  From my childhood…  I remember the countdown till Christmas, the cookies and candy, the anticipation, watching Rudolph and all those other classic animated specials… The toys, and the food…

Then, as a parent, making the time magical for my kids.  There is nothing more precious as an adult than watching your child open that toy they’ve been hoping for all year long.   As a father of four girls, it was a time filled with love, happiness and joy for me.  watching their dreams come true. 

I’m now in a very different place.  My wife and I bought a home way out of the city, a pretty good distance from all the kids, and the grandkids…  and the house, for the most part, is quiet now. 

Table Settings

I’ve still hung the lights, and we’ve done a really good job at decorating the house and decorating the tree… but Christmas time is just not the same now.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that in a bad way it’s just …”different”.  No laughter and Christmas stories, and all the magic that children bring to the season.  We’ve made our own magic…the two of us.  Our house looks and smells beautiful.

It’s just an adjustment.  Just like all the other adjustments as the children grow and start their own families and their own traditions.  The cool part of all this is that my beautiful wife and I have so much love and respect for each other, WE are making this season special for each other.  

Family Tree

And this year, just as my parents did with me, We, (Annamarie and myself) will be visiting our children in their homes and watching them creating their own traditions with their children.

All in all, we are blessed.  We are lucky to be alive and healthy and our children and their children are prospering and thriving.  Life is good.

Penny the decorator.
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