Easter Party 2017!

by Michael Terry

Easter 2017 was a fantastic event.  Knowing that our kids all have several stops they must make on the holiday to several grandparents, etc. we planned the event for 10 am to 12 pm.  Quick, easy and over.  The Easter bunny mysteriously had hidden 105 Easter eggs, all of which contained cash, and had also hidden a magical “Golden Egg” that had a special surprise!

We set up a mimosa bar for the adults, complete with “Cremesickle” mimosas, and I also made my famous “Unicorn Vomit Waffles” for the kids.

Well, the event was a success….  So much so that all of our kids decided to camp out, run to the store, get a bunch of BBQ fare, beer and the like, and turned Easter into an all day rager!  What fun!  Scroll through the gallery to check out some highlights!

Ari and Allie with their Easter baskets
Ari, Allie, Bella and Big Mike
Allie and Big Mike
Kids are Crazy!
Finding Eggs!
Whatcha got there, Sabrina?
Finding Eggs!
Go Scarlette, Go!
Finding Eggs!
Even Aunt Rosie and Sheri got into the spirit!
Daddy, they're mine!
Penny's got some Cash!!!
Any more eggs????
Look what we got!
Big Mike's world famous Unicorn Vomit Waffles!
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