The latest after part three

Well, all is moving along as you can see.  Our home is taking shape beautifully.  We have given notice and are starting to pack.  I call the loan guy to see how we’re coming along and get final numbers.  He says Hi.  Oh.  BTW, you don’t qualify.  Sorry.


Two minutes later I get a call from the Sales agent.  I heard the loan fell through.  Maybe we can interest you in a smaller, less expensive house.  WHAT?????   UH… NO!

What just happened?  Panic time.  Not only had we given up everything, sold off are old furniture, given notice at our rental, are almost packed and had already invested tens of thousands in the home….  but what the hell do we do now?

Well, it was probably about the most stressful thing my wife and I have ever gone through together.  Our house was now completed and we had no financing.  Looking back we now profess…   we made it through that, we can accomplish anything.  it really was a nightmare.  Long story short, we were able to put it all together and at a much better rate than before, and get it all done.  November 27, 2018 the loan funded.  And my wife and I slept for three days.

One other piece of the Puzzle.  I had no job at the end of December.  Remember that little tidbit?  Well, god was shining on us after what we’d gone through and I got a call from an employment agency out of the blue setting me up on an interview in San Jacinto.  It was a fantastic interview, and I was offered an amazing job.  I started two weeks after we moved into our new home.


I spent the last thirty one years commuting into Los Angeles, from first, Anaheim, then Corona.  It took me three hours each way, through the gridlocked freeways of L.A.  Today, I live 20 minutes away from my job, And i’m going the opposite direction.  I watch the sun come up, I pass by farms, ranches, dairies, chicken farms, and rural countryside to arrive at my home away from home.  I love my new life and my world is truly blessed.  My wife, Annamarie, is not so lucky, she has to commute back into the city to work.  But the light at the end of the tunnel is that in a few short years they are building a hospital five minutes away from our house, and Annamarie can transfer as soon as it opens.

Move along to the final chapter.

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