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Our Newest Web Creation!!!

by Michael Terry
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No Stinky Parents

Ok, so I’m excited to release our latest personal website.  It is located here:


What we wanted to do was expand on a movement that we started with our grandkids, the title of which we named for days we spent together doing fun stuff with them –  where the usual parental rules don’t apply.  A little extra candy, a few more shenanigans… basically just building great memories with the kids.

Well, the more people we told about No Stinky Parent Days, the more people wanted to do them with their grandkids too.  We created this website to give ideas, activities, baking recipes, crafts and a whole host of fun stuff you can do.

We also created a portal where other grandparents can register and add to the fun!

Check it out, it’s a lot of fun.  And check back as it grows.

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