She’s 18, and I couldn’t be more proud!

by Michael Terry

May 17, 1997.  The day my beautiful child, being of this world a whole 7 minutes,  wrapped her hand around my little finger, looked at me straight in the eyes, and squeezed.  Daddy’s Girl.

Today, you become an adult.  Today you are no longer a Teenager.  Today, you’ve crossed a milestone.  And I’ve been by your side every single day of it.  To advise, to share, to laugh, to wag my finger, or just to sit on the other side of the room with, while you tune out the world and play on your phone.

It’s been a long and twisted road, mostly filled with love and laughter, but also with some very serious adult situations that I did my best to shelter you from.  Regardless, you’ve climbed every mountain,  conquered every challenge, risen above all obstacles and have arrived at this day intact.  A beautiful, loving, caring, compassionate, yet tough and driven woman, with a future of endless possibilities and opportunities ahead of you.

I have given you the world, baby girl.  But you have paid me back 10 fold with your love, your companionship, your insults, and your smiles.  (Yes, I said insults – you are your Father’s Daughter). 

Now, sadly for me, we move into the next phase of your life.  The one where you give me a hug, and one day tell me it’s time for you to go your own way, to make  your future and start a family on your own.

No matter where your journey takes you, remember that your Father loves you, completely and always.With another man taking my place.  (God help him).   Although it’s going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done to let you go, I can’t wait to hold your future  child in my arms, to watch you guys prosper and achieve your dreams together.


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